The S Word

Yes today’s post is about the S word.  No not that S word!  The other S word.  A word that also strikes fear in the hearts of many and seems not to be uttered amongst polite company.  And that word would be…

An Inside View on Hiring Managers & Recruiters - Part 1

It might be interesting for Candidates to know that they aren’t the only ones that have difficulty with the hiring process.  Insiders do too.  Take the Hiring Manager and Recruiter relationship for example.  It works best when it’s a 50/50 partnership with excellent communication, but sometimes that isn’t the case.  Let’s observe….

Doesn’t the whole process of getting a job sometimes feel like a competition you’re trying to win?  With that in mind today’s blog is a screenplay written as if you are watching a sports event.  The characters are a pair of Commentators (Jim & Nancy) who are giving the play-by-play to the audience (you) on a phone interview between a Recruiter and a Candidate.